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Another question--do bullseye rashes itch? I don't remember if my first one did, and this one does not.

ANOTHER longwinded question--for years, I have noticed that my original bite reappears somewhat when I exercise very hard or have some sort of allergic reaction. It doesn't appear in the original bullseye, but seems to occur like a strange type of itchy hive in the same location the original bite occurred. I would think that it was a mosquito bite except for the fact that this ITCHY rash disappears in less than an hour, and this has happened several times. So my question is, what is going on? Some strange coincidence or some remnant of lyme? I was treated with tetracycline for lyme (I don't remember for how long) and have had no ill effects, apart from a possible false-positive for antinuclear antibodies and scleroderma (could this be related)?

Thanks for anyone's help.


Yes, it is possible to be infected more than once. Having had Lyme disease does NOT protect you from being infected again. Furthermore there are over 250 strains of Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme organism) in the U.S. alone, and over 300 strains worldwide, so it is also possible to be infected with different strains.

Ticks can also carry a number of other diseases such as Bartonella, Babesiosis, Erlichiosis, Mycoplasma. Many people with Lyme are also infected with one or more of these co-infections.

The erythema migrans, or Lyme rash, may or may not itch. It may be very large, very small, or anywhere in between. There may be multiple rashes. It may take on the classic bullseye form, or it may not. It may look like a line or a bruise. It may be raised or not, it may feel hot and or/itchy, or it may not. It can be mistaken for a bruise especially in darker skinned people.

Someone here will know of the nearest competent Lyme doctor. In the meantime I would suggest contacting your nearest Lyme support group as they can be wonderful sources of support and information and they will have the "scoop" on resources nearest you. Good luck!

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