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Hi all, I am a new poster to this board.

I'm wondering if it's possible to have more than one case of lyme disease during your lifetime. I had one when I was 16, and now 13 years later I have a strangely familiar bullseye rash. However, this has many different circumstances than my first time.

Yesterday I was backpacking in the mountains in Northern California, and I felt a painful bite or sting on the inside of my left leg. Some sort of reddish white welt appeared right away. It was painful for the next half hour or so. However I was so dirty I really couldn't get a good look at my leg until today, and now I see the rash. So I have a few questions. The first time, I never felt the bite or saw the tick. This time, I felt it, but I didn't see the bug that bit me. Also, the first time, the rash appeared 4-5 days after my vacation in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania--this bite happened yesterday and now the rash has appeared. Also, I was walking when it happened--can a deer tick stay on you while you're walking? This was a very short trip, I don't know if the tick would have had long enough to latch on and transmit the disease--I arrived in the mountains about 18 hours before the bite. Is that enough time to transmit the disease? Even if it was, I would think that I was only really bitten when I felt the pain. Is that enough time?

And most importantly, can someone get Lyme multiple times? If it's possible, can anyone recommend a good doctor in the Redding, CA area?

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