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Hi Ticker-

I actually had a multitude of things going on.
for about 2 days- 103 temp
could not move neck
sore throught
very weak- could not get out of bed.

On top of that, I got hives all over my body, starting at the trunck. They were not very itchy.

This started on Sat and my LLMD not avail on weekends. My son had a bout with something the prior week, 103 temp, etc so I do not know if I was herxing or caught his thing. I had been taking the meds about 11 days when it happened. I kept on the meds till Monday and LLMD said stop and suggested I go to my GP to see if hives looked like allergic reaction. GP said yes and did CBC w/diff. Results went to LLMD who said probably an allergic reation. The hives were not that itchy which I was told is another sign it is a med reaction.

what do you think? does it sound like herx or reaction or what? I never had a lyme rash so I do not know what they are like.

Thanks for the help!

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