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[QUOTE=marline;3180659]In May of 06 I started to get real weak and got a headache that was never ending. My symptoms at this time were, tingling, pins and needles, weakness, fatigue, neck pain and some more things. This lasted for a full 3 months, at this time I got a brain and c- spine mri with no contrast and it was normal. My neuro said no chance of ms. My mri of spine showed 2 bulging disks, everyone was quick to blame all my symptoms on the disks but neuro said that the disks would not cause all these symptoms, he blamed it on anxiety.

I had no symptoms until Feb 07, at this time I knew that something was definetley wrong with me. My symptoms were, tingling, pins and needles, twitching, insomnia, headaches, face pain, itching, muscle pain, muscle weakness, my eye would at times see double, major neck and shoulder pain, pain in my mid back, burning feet, hot and cold sensations, some nights right when I was about to sleep I would get a whole body jerk, again I went to the neuro and did a mri of brain with no contrast and it was normal, my neuro again said no ms. Soon my symptoms were gone. All blood work is normal too. Lyme was negative too.

I can't even take medication because I am pregnant. Also if I do have ms, I thought pregnancy puts your symptoms in remission.

What do you all think, are my symptoms pointing to ms or lyme?[/QUOTE]

I'm guessing you have given birth or are near due date....I just read this posting for the 1st time today.
I wanted to add that it's [I]dangerous[/I] to an unborn baby if one has Lyme & [B]not[/B] get treatment while pregnant. But you stated you had negative results for Lyme disease.
And..... just because one is pregnant doen't mean they can't take [I]any [/I]medications. It is up to your obstetrician to determine what you may or may not take during pregnancy & afterwards if you are going to breast feed.

My kids turned out just fine & I was taking medications during all 3 of my pregnancies which could have caused a heart defect had I abused it.

I also had oral surgery during one pregnancy and was taking antibiotics. During the 3rd pregnancy my 2nd daughter & I developed boils which we were treated for with antibiotics.

[B]Talk[/B] to your doctor & pharmacist but [I]especially[/I] your pharmacist who is an expert.

One more thing...the whole body jerk when going to sleep is quite a good means you are relaxed.

I'm more inclined to think it's a spinal issue [I]and[/I] anxiety ....and possibly the beginning of spinal stenosis but I'm not a doctor.
I was told by a neurologist many years ago that I would need to be very careful of my spine.
My arms tingle from the C-spine issues...I had 2 disks removed which have now caused [I]worsening[/I] of the condition because the other disks are now bulged. I now wish I had sought a 3rd opinion before I had this surgery.

I still get headaches (actually I don't call them headaches but head pain) & sometimes blurred vision caused by the same problem... disk disease.
When under stress I feel tightening in my right shoulder ... the pain travels up my neck until my entire head hurts.

In a MRI image I had done of my thoracic spine I can see a hole in a vertabra....this area is the source of a horrible itching which can quickly change to the feeling of having a lot of bees on my back stinging me.

I'm well beyond child bearing age but have had back problems since childhood when I was in a car accident....there's a fragment in my lower back that bothers me from time to time although the symptoms have changed. I no longer have spasms that required hospitilization.

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