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In May of 06 I started to get real weak and got a headache that was never ending. My symptoms at this time were, tingling, pins and needles, weakness, fatigue, neck pain and some more things. This lasted for a full 3 months, at this time I got a brain and c- spine mri with no contrast and it was normal. My neuro said no chance of ms. My mri of spine showed 2 bulging disks, everyone was quick to blame all my symptoms on the disks but neuro said that the disks would not cause all these symptoms, he blamed it on anxiety.

My symptoms were gone in 3 months and soon after I had pain my eyes, sharp, dull pain behind my eye and it felt very scratchy for a good month.
I went to the ophthmalogist and they said my eyes were just fine.

Soon after the eye pain was gone. I had no symptoms until Feb 07, at this time I knew that something was definetley wrong with me. My symptoms were, tingling, pins and needles, twitching, insomnia, headaches, face pain, itching, muscle pain, muscle weakness, my eye would at times see double, major neck and shoulder pain, pain in my mid back, burning feet, hot and cold sensations, some nights right when I was about to sleep I would get a whole body jerk, again I went to the neuro and did a mri of brain with no contrast and it was normal, my neuro again said no ms. Soon my symptoms were gone. All blood work is normal too. Lyme was negative too.

I found out that I am 8 weeks pregnant and just last week I got another symptom. My body is in so much pain, my legs and arms are burning with pain from the inside and hurt so bad, my back and neck is killing me. I know these are not pregnancy symptoms. I am unable to even get of bed, this is just been so horrible for me.

I can't even take medication because I am pregnant. Also if I do have ms, I thought pregnancy puts your symptoms in remission.

What do you all think, are my symptoms pointing to ms or lyme?

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