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THANK YOU Ticker for responding !!
I have been reading a lot on this message board & you are filled with such great info ! … To answer you questions…I’ve only been sick since July 1, 2007. It started with flu-like symptoms (horrible aches/pains & lethargy, ear aches, high fevers, sore throat & swollen painful glands). Went to Doc & dx with Strep, Tonsillitis & Otitis Media (also developed exudate on tonsils), took Z-pack, no improvement. Went back to Doc, took 10 days of Avalox, tonsils & ear infections got better, but still had the rest. Went back again, Doc did blood work to rule out Mono & Lyme. Results were:
Mono: Positive for recent & past EBV infection (not current ??)
Lyme: Western Blot (From Enzo Lab)
B burgdorf IgG - Absent / Negative
B burgdorf IgM - Present / “Indeterminate” for p23
Doc said sounds like Lyme based on symptoms & complaints, but can’t confirm based on 1 band, so she put me on 400mg of Doxy/day for 3 weeks & sent me to an Infectious Disease Doc who did more tests:
Lyme (ELISA) – IgG, IgM Negative (North Shore LIJ Lab)
Ehrlichia – IgG & IgM Positive
(told it was done at a “specialty lab” Valencia, CA)
Doc said it’s very unusual to be positive for both IgG & IgM, it may be a mistake or my proteins are interacting in an unusual way together (??), so she wants to repeat the labs in 1 month because if its truly positive for Ehrlichia the numbers will increase dramatically (don’t have the exact numbers , she is sending me copy).
Now - I’ve been done with the Doxy for about 5 days. Fevers & swollen glands are gone, but still have unbelievable exhaustion & aches / pains every day. If I stay home & do nothing, it’s tolerable, but if I go out to do errands during the day I come home with a sore throat, achy joints & want to crawl into bed. I’m going crazy because I don’t know what to do or what’s really wrong with me – If anything. All I know is that I’m not my normal self. I’m normally a very active person - run around all day long at my job & go to the gym on a regular basis – But since this all started I haven’t been able to work or go to the gym at all !! P.S have also been experiencing many of the symptoms you listed.
About the Lyme doctors in NY - Manhattan is the closets for me, so if you could give me 1 or 2 names I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry this is so long, but what do you think Ticker ???

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