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[QUOTE=mctassi;3184526]I swear I'm the queen of indeterminate test results. Offically the IgeneX is Neg. but let me list the results.

**39kda IND
**41kda IND
45 kda -
58 kda +
66kda -
73 kda -
**83-93 kda -

everything neg. except

** 31 kDa IND
** 34 kDa +

So on the IGG I have 2 indeterminates on **39 kDa and **41 kDa
and one positive on 58kDa
The report says positive if 2 or more double starred bands present. IgeneX standards not CDC
I have 2 IND on the double starred.

IGM IGeneX pos. if 2 or more double starred bands.
I have 1 IND
and 1 Pos.

I was not tested for co-infections. I talked the Doc. at the VA hospital into
ordering the IgeneX WB test. He says I'm neg. He is an infectious disease Doc. not a LLMD.

I was hoping to get a little further within the VA system but without offical positive results that's not going to happen.

I know I need to see a lyme doc.

Ticker I have a + **34kDa. That is a lyme specific band right?

Any encouragement or advice from you great people would be appricated.

thanks, mc[/QUOTE]

((hugs)) it's fustrating not getting any answers
thru tests. Its really easy to loose hope.

My Westren Blot today came back NEG
Quest did the testing and I think they only
test what the CDC requires.

Hang in there and keep fighting
and keep hope alive.

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