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OK, I have a lot of questions. Is it possible that if I got bit by a new infected tick I would get a new case of lyme. Even though I am currently being treated.

Just worried. Two days ago I noticed a weird spot right above my sock (I wear anklets) and it had a black spot right in the middle. I checked it out because looked like a tick but there was nothing there, just the spot. Well the next day it had a small ring around it. Sort of raised up and red. Well yesterday same thing, but it is not real big like some of the pics I see online. It is size of nickle but sort of oblong. There also seems to be a little pus or something in it. I put peroxide on it and a bandaid. It was very itchy on the outside of the redness circle. My husband is unsure about it also and said maybe poison something. But of course I am worried since I never really had a bulls eye rash the first time. Just a red circle on my arm and everyone thought it was a spider bite.

Any help. I do not have insurance and really do not want to go to the docs for it since I am sure they would only do doxy anyway and I am already on it.


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