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Thanks guys! The stupid cdc negative is stuck in my mind! my husband even tells me that if the Doctor said you have lyme, then you have lyme! She's the expert.

JoJo~doc put me on ceftin (but pharmacy did not carry brand name, had to take generic, called doc's office nurse said it's fine to take).

Ticker~ that is such a buch of crap! Why do you "need" to have so many bands to get a positive result, I would think if you don't have lyme why would any bands (for lyme) show up?!!

Sarah~ My doctor asked me if i have had a vaccine of some sort and I said no, she said that sometimes if you have had a vaccine then band 31 (I think) would show positive. Because I haven't had the vaccine, then I sure do have lyme. The stupid cdc standards put doubt in our mind, when in fact, we should be relieved that we have a dx!!
Sarah, I know lyme is a terrible disease but I have to say, through my search (when trying to figure out what was wrong with me), I found much more worse diseases. So thank GOD that it is lyme!


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