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How severe can gynecological problems from Lyme Disease become?

Here are my symptoms. I'm very worried about them.

- [U]extremely[/U] [U]severe[/U] pain in low stomach
- low stomach gets big and feels hard when I get the pain
- black discharge
- blue discharge
- discharge that smells terrible
- heavy-ish period sometimes
- vaginal itching and burning pain

While I get the severe pain my legs get shakey and painful, my head hurts, I get chills, I have to run to the bathroom, no position is comfortable, and I get sharp intense pains in my butt. My pediatrician gave me a prescription dose of pain killers to take when I get the pain and that usually does nothing. I got the pain even before I began mensturating.

I'm very worried. I looked up the black discharge and an article said that black discharge is a sign of a severe illness such as CERVICAL CANCER!! Oh my goodness!

Do you think that Lyme would cause this or do you think that this is something else?

I'm going to another gynecologist on Thursday and I'm planning on getting an exam and I will ask to get a PAP test and the CA 125 bloodtest.

Please help! I'm very worried and I just want to know what is wrong. :(
Hi! :)

I'm doing okay. I feel more awake and the fatigue isn't as horrible. Also, my depression and anxiety is gone, which is good. I have good and bad days. I'm noticing that I am getting a slow heartbeat a lot more often than before. Now I have it a few times every day. My next appt. with Dr. E is Thursday, so we'll see what she says about it.

My brother was only treated for 4 weeks with Doxycycline and he still feels yucky. I really think that he has Chronic Lyme. My mom is going to make him an appt. with Dr. E.

My parents' bloodtests came back normal. I really think that my dad has it, though and I think he's being too stubborn to actually go to a LLMD. Last night I gave him a stack of research about Lyme, so maybe then he'll understand how important it is to know that you have it and how he can be helped. Also, if he has it then my mom might have gotten it from him sexually.

Yes, my teachers seem understanding. One of my teachers allows me to be late to her class because I have to walk up 2 flights of stairs and she knows that my legs hurt, so it takes me a long time. She told me to take my time. Thank goodness!

School is tiring and I'm in more pain when I go, but I'm determined to try my best to go to school and try to smile through the pain. I'll never get better if I have a negative attitude.

I haven't heard an update from you in a looong time! How are you doing, jojo?

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