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[QUOTE=zandvoort;3192694]Hi everyone-

I asked my LLMD to do an Igenex test (Quest negative) and he reminded me that no test is accurate and it does not matter- he knows I have Lyme. :( I would really like an objective finding So, I am going to try to get in with dr. P in ct. But, I just learned from another thread alreted me that he does not use Igenex either. If I want Igenex, I will have to get it myself and ask him to order it.
I went onto the Igenex site and I did not see how to order a kit. do you have to know which test you want when you order or can you order a multipurpose and Dr P will know what to order?

OR- should I just trust that Dr. P will do the right testing and not worry about Igenex?

Thanks! :)[/QUOTE]

Look on their website again. There should be an 800 number that you can call to order the test. The people who answer the phone are nice, and will send you the test kit(s) along with the packaging to ship it back to them. All you have to do is take the test kit and the shipping materials with you to your doctor...have the doctor or the nurses in his lab draw the blood for you. I think the blood has to be put in the centrifuge for awhile before it's shipped, and then the labtechs can pack it up into the shipping back and they can either ship it out from their office, or you can take it with you to ship. (my doctor had the shipping company pick the test kit up and shipped it from his office instead of me taking it to the shipping place.)

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