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Hello All,

I was clinically diagnosed with Lyme Disease last November. It was based on Igeneix test with positive line in the IGM of 30++,31Ind, 39Ind, & 66+. the IGG test showed 34Ind, 39Ind & 41 +. I was put on a picc line for 3 1/2 months which consisted of Rocephin and Zithromax.

My line was pulled in April and I have been on oral antibiotics ever since. I have however taken some breaks here and there. The last break I took was 1 month off of Antibiotics so my liver enzymes would come down. I began experiencing a tone of ankle pain, so bad that I can barely walk when I get out of bed. I was also experiencing a lot of swelling in my right eye,right ear pain and right jaw pain. Also really bad right sided headaches.

I have had a ton of MRI of the brain and neck. The last test I had was a CT-Scan of the neck with contrast which showed some rather large lymph nodes on both sides but the biggest ones were opn the right side. I had been on 100mg of Doxy for 1 month prior ot that. After theses results came back my doctor put me on Levaquin 750mg. This medication is kicking my bootie!

I experienced no side effects form it for the 1st three days. Then on the third day I started to expreience a lot of anxiety, and vertigo and a basic feeling of unstableness. So much that I do not want to drive a car. I have also started feeling a soreness all over my body.

I do get weekly neuromuscular messages so some of the soreness I am experiencing could be form that. However my message therapist says she has never experienced someone with so many tight muscles.

I think all of my body pain, especially in the neck and upper back region is muscular. They are so tight and cramping that even the deepest message cannot break them up. Is this normal with LYME? Does it casue a lot of muscle involvement?

Does the Levaquin get into the muscles and could that be why I am experiencing the constant pain?

I am so confused though because my last Dr's visit he walked in and said that he did not think it was Lyme anymore. I was shocked. I am not going to an LLMD. I am however going to an ID doc that works closely with Dr. Jemsek and Dr. Jones. He treats many patients for them. I thought I was safe becasue of that. I am not so sure now. However the good thing is that he is very open to my suggestions. I guess it is time I start telling him what to do.

I don't kmow what to do. It is almost a year and I am feeling like I am going in reverse. I live in GA and there are no other LLMD's near here. I have family in NJ which is convenient and I can go stay with them but I am not sure who is the best Dr. to see in the NJ, NY area.

I am sorry this is so long. I have been very riddled with anxiety and sadness which is making htis even tougher. I have been putting up a front for my family and my coworkers pretending half the time i am feeling way better than I do.

I am currently on Vicoprofen 7.5/200 three times a day, Soma(which does nothing for me) and Xanax .5mg. I am constantly in pain and think I have grown accustomed to my pain meds. Help!!

Any suiggestions woudl be greatly appreciated!!!!

One more thing I have not been tested for co- infections but I have the kit on the way form Igenex as we speak so we can get thoise tested for as well as restesting for Lyme!


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