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Hi Mickie and Ticker..

The muscle stiffness I was suffering with disappeared after the first week of Rocephin. As long as I keep up with my daily detox baths I don't struggle with anything except the severe fatigue, anxiety and depression.

I have not left the house all day or showered, but I did so much cleaning on Friday and met with a friend so I should not feel guilty, even though I do.

I still bounce around with the depression. I saw my therapist yesterday and went over all my positive testing with her. She seemed very interested.
I felt fine after the appt and then today I just started slipping again. Thinking things like, I'm only 36 and I feel so depressed, there is no way I'm going to make it to be a grandparent. Even though I have been diagnosed and am being treated I'm not sure why I wrestle so much with my thoughts all the time. I find myself now no longer looking forward to spending time with my kids and I feel very guilty about that. My mother told me under the circumstances of being sick, it's normal...but I've been sick a long time and have never felt this way.

I have an ulcer in my throat so when I swallow, it's rough. I've been getting them for years since I had Lyme but usually on my gums when I overdue things physically. I haven't had one in a year I think.

Mickie, that hot tub and the view sounds exactly like something I would REALLY enjoy. I'm so happy you have that. On the other hand, the balance problem is disturbing...

I have thought on and off about getting involved with a support group for either Lyme or recently divorced people. I don't know why, I never follow through; I lose heart when the time comes. But I think I might visit a divorce support group tomorrow. If I don't feel comfortable, I can always head out.

I have to work on my relationship with god a little harder too. I always seem to rush through a prayer before I fall asleep and I know that it's not right.

Hugs to you guys,


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