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Positive Lyme Test
Sep 11, 2007
Hi~ I have been struggling with symptoms consistant with Lyme, ms amongst others. Tingling in body, burning pain, weakness in legs and my list goes on. I went to my PC and he ran a battery of tests to rule out vitamin deficiencies, lyme, arthritis plus much more. He said if these test all come out negative, the next step would be a neuro.

The results all came back with no findings. So off to the neuro I went today.

Sitting in his office, he read my lab results from my pc and said, "you tested positive for lyme" I argued that my dr said all was negative. He circled the positive result and said that this sets off a red flag and we need to do another test. Maybe I don't and maybe I do have lyme.

He also suggested a toxin in my body, possibly a heavy metal suuch as mercury. I am not a fish eater but he fealt this should be ruled out as well. (I joked to hubby that I hope he's not poisoning me cuz I'm definately worth more alive!! LOL)

More blood work was ordered and a nerve test as well.

When i got home, I emediately called my pc to question these results. He said they got a positive, which is very common, so another test was done for a western block? and that came out negative so I definately don't have Lyme.

Also today, the neuro said my blood pressure and pulse rate was a much bigger concern to him. I have been having this for a year, had all the heart and stress test and not a problem there. They did dx me with sleep apnea but he doesn't believe this would cause the elevation.

My 2 questions are, what do I need to be aware of as far asmy positive lyme and should this raise concern, because I have 2 drs with 2 different outlooks?

Also, does elevated blood pressure and pulse rate happen with Lyme?

Sorry this is so long but I apreciate any input anyone is willing to offer!!


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