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[COLOR="Purple"][B]okay just my opinion ...but most likely the doctors get "kick backs" from certain labs they use..Just like they do when they prescribe medications. I know when I was bouncing around from doctor to doctor...They would send me to their other doctors in the same shoot what is the word. Like the same group. They all keep patients flowing to one another. make sense?

Think I would find a different doctor. Or tell him you want a certain lab and go with that...

My test never came out positive with any lab ...But I did get some bands pulled up...soooo Igenex didn't give me a false positive...shoot wish I they had maybe I could of been treated earlier....;)

Lymes IS a very political disease....too many doctors turn their backs on people that need treatment so they can save their own....A** is all about the big $$ ...not in helping people.

Go with your gut but I would stick to Igenex any day! Kind of like how many doctors out there take the time to call a person back about their Lyme test. I know the doctor at Igenex talked to me persoanlly and didn't charge me...and I see that he takes time to call others. don't see these other labs doing they obviously believe in what they are doing...




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