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Re: Sarah92202...
Oct 4, 2007
[QUOTE=ktp812;3226498]Sarah-I am sorry you have been in bed with a virus. It is so hard to deal with anything other than Lyme. I hope you are feeling better soon. Well, we are going to do the IV. I have just received approval today and my doctor will give me the picc line appointment tomorrow. I just can't wait 7 weeks to see Dr. H in NY and do nothing especially with the sore throat returning. I am a little afraid to do this but feel I have no choice. I will let you know how it all goes. We didn't talk about co-infections last visit. I don't actually see him again until december but maybe sooner since we are going to do the IV. Do you know if you have to take any other abx while on IV. I am just curious. Write when you feel more up to it and let me know how things are going. I will let you know more when I talk with the doctor tomorrow. Take care

Kim, how are you doing? How is the IV treatment going? Has the sore throat gone away? I am still not completely over this whatever it is. I started taking the Malarone for Babesia and right after I got this "virus" it just keeps lingering on. I have had 2 bad herx's, uncontrollable twitching and chest pain,the first one lasted about 30 minutes, last weekend. The second only about 10 minutes and just the twitching, no chest pain. But my left arm feels broken, it is so painful. I guess this is all a good thing. It just sucks to deal with it. I hope that the IV isn't giving you too much trouble. Please let me know how you are.
Ticker, how have you been? Do you know if the babesia treatment would cause me to have this continuing virus like thing? nausea, headache, congestion, raspy voice, plugged up nose and throat, but not sore, or is this just a lingering virus? Sincerely Sarah:)

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