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Dear Friends; I have been a silent, anonymous reader for sometime and need to thank everyone who has participated in this message board. Your experiences, advise and compassion have helped me persevere in obtaining LD diagnoses despite all the medical professionals that brushed off my LD concerns. Mine is the same story that has been told over and over in these pages.

Ticker a special Thank You to you for being a sincere and kind advocate for everyone; some time ago you gave me a LLMD recommendation. I will go my initial consultation asap with IgeneX IgM positive in hand and begin my road to recovery.

My greatest apprehensions right now are that treatment is going to be really awful and cost alot even though I have good insurance. Do you think DR. SH will be able to quell me fears and set me courageously off on the correct course?

Thank you all.
My llmd appt went well. No treatment yet as we need to test for coinfections first. Anyway it's good to have a confirmed diagnosis and time to prepare my body, mind, work and family for what's in store for me.

Does having one + on your bands mean your not as infected as if you had 3 +'s? Or do the +'s flexuate over time and treatment?

Even though I've probably been had it for 5 years what finallt made me sick enought to get the Igenex test done was a 10 dy prescription for augmentin for a sinus infection, that mini treatment was enough to start herx reaction. That sure as heck wasn't in my #$%@ head!

Get this; I found out I had the positive IgeneX test not from my GP but from the County Health Dept who got the report because Lyme is a reportable disease. They called me to ask the usual questions (I assume to decide if they were going to "track" this case) & I had them fax me the results.

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