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I think my son's results may be CDC positive, and he has had it a while, and never got treated, so even by the ISDA guidelines, he probably should be treated with IV and for many months.

according to ISDA guidelines [url][/url]

I still may go to a LLMD anyway, just because I trust them more.

His dr said he was IgM positive and IgG negative, but looking at the results, he is positive to both, its just that in absence of IgM positive result, they don't use the IgG alone.

Here are his results:

B. Burgdorferi as screen 1.66
(ref value <.91 negative, 0.91-1.09 equivocal, >1.09 positive)

Anti-nuclear AB, EIA negative

B. Burdorferi as IGG WB - negative
Bands 23, 41, 66 are reactive (all others non-reactive)
(ref 5 out of 10 sig bands reactive for positive)

B. Burdorferi as IGM WB - positive
Bands 23, 41 are reactive (all others non-reactive)
(ref 2 out of 3 sig bands reactive for positive)

So what I am saying, is I think for the 5 out of 10 IGG to be reactive to be positive is only if the IGM is negative. If the IGM is already positive, and there are any reactive bands for IGG, long standing infection cannot be ruled out.

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