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ANA testing isn't a very specific test. It can tell you a "positive" result, but not necessarily detremine "lupus". I myself had a positive ANA after becoming ill from an "unknown cause" while patrolling Sinai Egypt with the U.S. Army in 1993. However, now my test is negative even though my initial reading was incredibly high (5 times higher than is considered for lupus). All it really does is establish a reading of an "anti body", but isn't really specific to which one. I can't remember off hand what other tests can be used to diagnose lupus, but I believe its a combination of a ANA positive result and the evaluation of symptoms by your Dr.. Obviously, if my test which was once positive, is now negative, then their is room for the test to miss a positive result. If you check the info on the ANA test, the developers consider a person with a positive result to always be positive and to expect variations in results based on your body at the time. I hope this answers your question.

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