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Good luck on your PICC. I too was scared, but in the long haul the PICC has worked out well. I am on 1 month of Rocephin and would have had to be sticked every two or three days. My veins are hard to find, and after 7 attempts the doc decided to have the PICC put in. The only problem that I have had is that on approximately the second day the PICC was coiled and had to be straightened out. They had to remove the sutures and run a wire down the line and then re-suture the line in place. The whole thing was pretty painless. I had mine put in at the local medical center. Only 9 more days and then I should be done I hope. In general I am feeling better, the joint pain is gone, but still very tired, and found myself very depressed over the weekend. Had a great day yesterday, the first in many. Good luck on the PICC, not as scarry as you think.


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