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IgeneX is the name of the Lyme lab that does the Western Blot test.

As mctassi said, they use more sensitive testing and list more bands than other labs who do the test.

Good luck next week!
Most docs do an Elisa or similar type Lyme screening test first before the western blot. If you test positive for this screening test then they test you with the Western blot. I tested positive for the screening test and then also positive for the western blot. However, my boyfriend tested negative for the screening test twice. The second time he tested negative for the screening test while testing positive for the western blot. So I would not trust the screening test. Go straight for the western blot. It's more specific and reliable.

A Western Blot is a type of test and Igenex is the name of a lab. From what I understand Igenex uses 100% pure Lyme antigen when conducting the test, whereas most labs use a lower percentage in order to cut costs. The test determines the amount of free-floating antibodies in the blood. In order to detect them, they must be exposed to antigen. If a more dilute concentration of antigen is used, there is less to react with and fewer antibodies may be detected.

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