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Hi 3love,
good to hear from you. I know the going is slow. It's hard. We all want instant results. I remember you asking questions when you started abx about, is it a herx or reaction to meds. I know what you mean now. It's hard to tell.
I had my llmd app. 1 week ago. Started high doses of doxy last Thursday, 600 mg a day. The Pharm. almost didn't want to fill the script. I have 5 refills. He said he was concerned because he has never seen such a high, long prescription. He asked what I was being treated for and then had to call someone else, I think he said CDC, because it wasn't in "his book". I was thinking oh my god, I finally get a doc to help me and now I can't get the meds. Well, in the end he did fill it but he seemed concerned.
So I started the meds Thursday. I was feeling so bad before and it's hard to tell what's going on.
The llmd said based on my symptoms, brain mri, and IgeneX results he thinks I DO have lyme. My IgneneX was neg, but I had some lyme specific bands come up positive and ind. He would have gone the picc route, but I NEED something less expensive. I go to the VA so I don't have reg. insurance. Everything is coming out of my pocket since the ID doc. at the VA does not think I have lyme. Doxy meds are really cheap. I was surprised.
He thinks I have co-infections but is waiting to test for those because of the expense. I'm just glad I'm finally moving forward. I was stuck for so long not knowing anything or able to find ANY kind of help. It was great to see a doctor who knows these symptoms are real and not chalk it up to stress/anxiety.
I start another abx next week, sepra, I think I'll go to a different pharmacy. I just don't want to press my luck at the same one.
How are you doing on the food restrictions. I'm not perfect, but am eating better than I use to. Also I'm going to force myself to take my dog for a walk today. I'll try a detox bath when I get home. I'll keep you updated. I hope you see improvement soon. Take care. mc

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