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In 2006 I had a Lyme Disease AB w/RFX IGG, IGM, Lyme Disease Screen test. The result was 1.77 and the index interpretations goes as follows:

<1.00 = negative
1.00-1.19 = equivocal
>1.19 = positive

If mine was 1.77 does that mean it reads positive? The rheumatologist never really went over these tests with me so I guess I am not sure what it means. I also had the Lyme Disease IGG and IGM, WB, Lyme Disease (IGG), WB.

All the bands listed just say NONREACTIVE and don't have the (+) or (-) signs next to them. Not sure what all this means.

All tests were performed by Quest Diagnostics in Pittsburgh, PA. I know Igenix is the preferred lab to have run these tests.

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