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Hi Friends. Just wanted to catch folks up on my treatment.

On May 10th I had a PICC line inserted and began IV Rocephin (2g). After four and half months, although I was constantly crappy, my LLMD, felt nothing productive was happening and switched me to IV Zithromax (500mg) on September 28th.

I mentioned the switch to my visiting nurse and she agreed, adding that I ran the chance of getting serum illness had I stayed on it with no improvement. Anyone heard of that?

I also began oral Levaquin (500mg) on June 14th for the Bartonella so I feel I have a good combo going on to finally get some improvement.

Eight days ago my rashes and spots began to appear. Three days ago my original Lyme rash came back in full force. It's a red oval (about 6" long) of very itchy raised dots on my right shin. I'm glad it came back as it's proof that the drugs are working.

I also have isolated dots scattered all over myself, mostly on my arms, breasts and legs. They aren't as itchy as the leg rash. Thank heavens, 'cuz I look stange enough swerving around the grocery store without scratching my own melons. :D

My Bartonella rashes also came back. They look like bruises, some are red-ish, others are purple-ish. They are all different shapes but not too big. They are on my arms and legs.

I also just finished a run of good days - five of them in a row! I planted some shrubs, cleaned and ran errands without complaining too much about having to do it.

Even this morning I was able to get up at 6:30am, drive my son to his school for a football game and then take my daughter and her friend to her school for the PSAT exams.

With God's grace, my insurance company is still paying for my IV drugs. So far that's five months and ten days they've covered. I'm so lucky; although the premium I pay is through the roof, so I don't feel too lucky.

Hope this message finds you all well.

Peace and health to all,

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