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I am working with a naturopath that has suggested an ION foot bath to me. I continue to get worse although I am on abx treatment. He thinks it is because I am not getting rid of the toxins. The baths are very expensive. The cheapest is around $300. (which really, is the cost of a non-insurance covered visit, so it is not so bad) I just wanted to ask for other's experiences before I lay down that kind of money.

I purchased a foot ion bath for $150 off a certain popular auction site. I really like it. The water first starts out clear and then after 30 minutes of using it, it looks like disgusting sewage! From the color of my water, it's my liver that's being cleansed. Also, I have black flecks which means metal toxins are coming out.

I don't know if it's working well or not. I'm really sick right now and just got approved for a PICC line on Wednesday.

I'm also doing the bath detox regimen. I also bought a huge thing of dead sea salts and mud b/c it's supposed to help detox the skin.

So hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be able to tell you that I feel much better. As of now, I still feel like crap.
Thanks Keylime! did you only use the foot bath the one time so far? Thanks too for the info about the auction- I'll try that.;)
I've done it 3 times. One thing I'm not for sure is how often I need to do it? Did you Naturopath say if this should be done weekly, daily etc ?
They said every 4-5 days till it runs clean and then every month check and see if dirty.
[QUOTE=zandvoort;3272098]They said every 4-5 days till it runs clean and then every month check and see if dirty.[/QUOTE]

Wow I didn't realize I needed to be using it that often. Believe me the first time you use it you're going to get grossed out by the junk in the water. :)
I'd really like to try one of these things. I checked on the auction place and I'm going to watch the prices for a bit. Don't want to raise the price for you Zandvoort! I'm wondering about the part that says people with pacemakers shouldn't use it. My husband has one. Have you heard what would happen to a person? I think it would just be good for every one in the family, but I don't know why anyone would want to do it in a two person one. All that gunk sounds pretty gross to me. :)
Sue- I agree! I cannot imagine doing it with someone else- I do not think I am going to be able to stand my own! I am looking at a Buy it now purchase so go ahead and bid away! Thanks for thinking of me though!:)
Hi guys.

I tried both the foot pads and the foot baths. Neither worked for me, but I hope you have better luck!

Peace and health to all,

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