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I was clinically diagnosed with Lyme disease in June. Though I know lyme needs to be clinical diagnosis, I struggled with the fact that all 3 of my lyme test came negative (I know that most are unreliable. Two of the test done in Singapore and one in Canada were they are notoriusly wrong), but I still wanted some "proof". I had been treating the lyme with Biaxin and Flagyl until the end of September, when my liver enzymes became elevated and I was told to stop medication and wait until they came down. Unfortunately the have continued to rise, and my disease has relapsed. I guess I started to doubt my clinical diagnosis. Wasn't it I that thought I had lyme, and look the leap to see a LLMD. All the negative things I've read about LLMD and lyme disease had planted some doubt in my mind. What if I'm frying my liver for nothing. Some higher power must have been listening to my inner turmoil as today I got my IGenex results. I was shock to see I was CDC IgM postive.

My test results are as follow.

Multiplex PCR serum - Plasmid B Burgodorfer - Positive confirmed by Southern Dot Blot

IFDA - 1:40 (which in indeterninate)

Igm Western Blot IGenex and CDC positive
31 +++

IgG Western Blot IGenex and CDC negative
41 IND

Has anyone else had problems with there liver during treatment? Any advice to help me try and get these liver counts down would great. I guess these results have renewed my strength to kill these BB buggers.


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