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hi guys - i am at my wit's end here. i have been having lyme disease symptoms for almost two months now, and each day i get worse. it started with a bite, very red itchy infection around it, then stomache upset, muscle and joint aches and pains, and finally neurological symptoms. i have a weakened immune system, so it seems like this is taking over my body very quickly. for the past week, i've even had convulsions several times. tonight i was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance because i had some weird episode - i was sitting at the table and i felt like i just stuck my finger in an electric socket. my body flew across the table, and i felt like my heart lept out of my throat. then i lost feeling and movement in my limbs for almost a full 15 minutes. this is the icing on the cake to a week of progressively worse symptoms. the ER doctor drew my blood but then refused to test me for lyme or anything else because "it didn't seem like an emergency", and i found out that the W. Blot test i had yesterday was contaminated because they mislabeled my blood and aren't even sure where it is. i'm becoming very frustrated and scared for my own health. i've already missed a week's worth of work, had my blood drawn 3 times in one week, and don't show any signs of getting better.
please guys - any advice in the interim while i try to find someone, anyone to give me a lyme test and to send to Igenex to test for co-infection too? my nervous system is seriously hurt right now, i'm having major heart palpatations, and i don't want to push this for much longer. i am getting very scared that i've been looking for answers and getting closed doors everywhere i go.
i think i am going to have to go this route. i went ahead and kept my mt. sinai appt this morning. i was hoping i could at least get started on something while i researched an LLMD who could take me. but as i was afraid of, the dr. told me that if i didn't have a bulls eye rash i can't be sick from anything from the tick (and since i killed the tick, he's saying it couldn't be an infected one since it lives in New York City and not upstate).
he wants me to consider that maybe i'm just going through a depression right now. i feel like by the time the drs get their way i WILL be depressed after months of feeling sick and getting no treatment. he wouldn't test for co-infections because he told me i'd have a very high fever if i had one. and he ran yet another lyme test, but he didn't take the blood for igenex since the kit says to draw on monday through wednesday and send in.
at this rate, i have no choice but to go the LLMD route and see if i can get some help. i'm not saying i want to have it... but i am saying that something is very wrong and i feel like no one's hearing me.

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