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Iodine (Iodoral)
Oct 26, 2007
Hello all,

I wanted to chime in here, which I haven't in awhile, and briefly talk about what I've been researching the last few days. As you can tell by the title, I've been reading about Iodine and more specifically the supplement Iodoral. I never realized how important Iodine was to the human body. It is truly amazing what you can find out on your own and what conventional doctors will never tell you. Truly amazing! Dr. Klinghardt, one of the most recognized Lyme specialists in the world, views Iodine as the most critical element in Lyme patients. He feels filling up the body’s mineral reserves has always been the most essential part of his heavy metal detox program. It is also the most essential part of his Lyme treatment.

I've also realized that I exhibit many iodine deficiency symptoms...low body temperature (never above 97.7), cold hands and feet, excess mucous production, etc. In a nutshell, Iodine is critical for our overall health and most of us do not get enough to obtain optimal health, especially us suffering from disease. They link Iodine deficiency to many things, but most importantly cancer, mainly breast. The people of Japan's daily intake of Iodine is about 13mg. The RDA in the U.S is 150mcg. This is way too low. The people of Japan have the lowest percentage of breast cancer or cancer in general in the world. Pretty amazing. There have been may clinical studies and Iodine has been used for many years. Before popular anti-fungal drugs like nystatin came out, iodine was primarily used. Iodine is a powerful, antimicrobial, anti fungal, antiviral, anti parasitic, and antibacterial element. Don't take my word for your own research!

Hey there all...HEY JOJO

I started taking Iodoral about 6 weeks ago...I have worked up to 3 in the am and have not noticed a THING...I had my appt yesterday with Dr.P's office and Mike has now increased it to 4 in the am and then 1 in the afternoon and do that for a week then increase the afternoon dose.

He said that obviously I need a larger dose.

I have been so bummed cause I have NOT been feeling well at all.
He also added Niacin and Selenium because he said these 2 supplements would help the Iodoral work better. So we shall see.

JoJo you know how long I have been suffering and how long I have been going to Dr.P's which is now 3 years. Mike is just as frustrated as I am.
I am so fatigued in the day it's just ridiculous. I can't plan anything and I am just taking it day by day.

Well we had touched on the subject of Lyme before but he brought it up again yesterday. Back when I was doing all the antibiotic protocols he said that if I did have Lyme that would help. I actually do know I felt a bit better on antibiotics.
So we decided that we would start me on doxy and see how well I do. I took that years ago for acne and do not recall if it helped any other way.

I also forgot how it upsets my stomach and was throwing up lastnight about 30 minutes after I took next time it will be with a full tummy.

So lets keep my fingers crossed..

Oh and he did start me on the magnesium!
:wave:[COLOR="Purple"][B]HI Meme! I have been looking for you ...So nice to see you. I am real sad to see you have slid backwards since the last tiime I saw you. I am glad to hear you got put back on doxy...but just knowing about Lyme if you are on 100 2x a day that will not be strong enough. It needs to be from what I have heard and my own experience 300 to 600 a day. IF I remember right you have a sensitivity to alot of drugs...(think it was you) :) so maybe starting off with a low dose is good. BUT I would definatley tell them you want to go up higher next time you talk with them.

I know of someone else that had gone to Dr. P ...and the person you talk to took her off antibiotics also. I know they are trying to find alternative ways but sometimes you really need to use antibiotics. Anyway she made no improvement either..SO I talked to doc about it. ...he said people can stay on antibiotics if they want...He just throws these other things out there. I myself stopped going to the middle man about a year ago. And ONLY talk to doc himself...there was too much having to re explain things and getting a different protocol. so I stick to the main man;)

Mem's like I said in the other post I think it really depends on where we all are in our treatment and our own individual bodies how a new thing works. I am about 5 years into my treatment...And I know I have Lyme and the C.P. bacteria plus the antivirals for virus's. I had to dig my heals in and say I want to stay on these med's. I am also taking D3, and NAC I am on the Plaqunil. ARe you still on that???? I hope so....

To be honest with you "if" I were you I would take the chance of getting a Western Blot done.....I know money is tight but "if" you could get it at Igenex that would be the best lab. I didn't get a positive through them nor any bands. But did get some bands pulled up on other western Blots I had done...

IF you are dealing with Lyme also plus the C.P. bacteria you truly need to get on higher doses of antibiotics. It may be a good idea to look into this. I know the surroundings of the town you live and I would NOT rule out lyme...

I am also still on zithromax M, W, F....

With the doxy make sure you eat..your poor thing..ugh...being sick ontop of being sick is hard. don't lay down within 30 min either that could mess up your esphouacus..(mis-spell)....

I wish I could take your pain away...

Keep in touch okay??

BIG HUGS coming your way....

[COLOR="Purple"][B]Good Morning Meme,

Many of us know how you feel. It took up until maybe last year for the right combo of med's to FINALLY get me over a big hump. And I have been on med's now for 8 years. When I was seeing a doc in Grass Valley for Lyme before Doc P. oh my gosh we both just about gave up trying different cobo's of med's. Cause "nothing" seemed to work...Then little by little I would make an takes years which feels like a life time...ugh!

Has anyone tested you for co-infections? Babesia. Bartonella and the others?? Mine would show a pending but no one ever treated me. come to find out from reading these boards and my own research these test aren't accurate either...How crazy...

Anyway I hope you feel a somewhat better today!

Sending you hugs!

Oh my gosh I have been thinking about your Mom pulling ticks off of you...just gives me the YUCKS!!

Stay in touch okay?

Hello all,

Just been doing some reading on Potassium Iodide (Iodoral) and its use in the treatment of other diseases. The most intriguing reading has been its use in the treatment of Syphilis. As we all know, Syphilis is caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium called a spirochete, just like Lyme. I thought you guys would find this interesting if you didn't know it already. This could become part of an effective treatment for Lyme disease. I'm not saying it's an end all be all treatment, but it might turn out to be very effective. Iodine is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic. Plus, our bodies need it to function properly. If you haven't already, please read the differences between "organic" and "inorganic" iodine. Don't get them confused. Iodoral is an "inorganic" non radioactive for of potassium iodide, which is extremely safe. I've also read where Iodine can be safely used in gram amounts for certain treatments. This is way more than we are taking using Iodoral, with the max being 50mg, which is 4 tablets a day. I'll be doing more research and will update you as I go on.



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