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hi there,

I posted this week on the ms board because the results of my mri showed one 1cm round "area" that could either be demylenation, gliosis or a small glioma. I'm having another one done in 5 months but now I'm looking for answers and trying to tie together all of my strange symptoms.

One of the strangest things is that my sternum cracks all the time- my neck is very crunchy too. I can bend my chest out and it will crack like knuckles. I also get a charlie horse like spasm in my rib cage- I have sore sore joints, headahes, night sweats, ear pain/ringing, muscle twitches in face/jaw/ legs, heart palpitaions, dizziness, lightheadedness, floaters, strange temperature sensations in the soles of my feet, mood swings, brain fog, loss for words, itching in my hands and feet, low blood pressure (70/50 one time!) etc etc etc. Gosh, writing all of that out REALLY makes me feel like a hypochondriac.

I guess what i'm asking is if most of you show lesions on your mris? and do any of you have the weird chest cracking and muscle spasms. I know all of the symptoms of lyme's are similar to ms- Just having only one lesion, Lyme's seems more likely to me- but what do i know? I'm grasping at straws until my next mri. I know I've been tested for Lyme's but from what i'm reading it's hard to diagnose?

anyway- i think I just need some insight- this is frustrating!


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