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Hi J
I wish you luck with your appointment Bring a list of questions with you and make sure to get a cd-57 test done as well as the western blot test done from a reputable company .You can find out about the testing labs on line Igenex in ca is one There is not a true test for lyme as of yet just different markers and Lyme literate doctors will treat by symptoms and the markers.
I also had the tindinitis and was really sensitive to light and noise . Even now I have a hrd time going out to loud places or getting wind in my ears makes them hurt more .
I have beeen treated for lyme for over 1 1/2 years Had it for at least a year and a half before that . Looking back I believe I probably had it for most of my adult life with a really bad bout of it in my early teens .I also grew up the next town over from Lyme Ct where it was originally discovered . In my teens I was told I had juevenile arthritis . Mine was in the chronic stage before I recieved treatment so it has been a long road back I took IV Rocephin for 11 months which help clear up the head stuff buzzing in my ears total confusion and a stroke to boot . Now on IV zithromax and oral Mepron. The only really unpleasant effect I have had is serious acid reflux which I deal with because I know it is worth getting rid of this stuff . Also had my gall bladder removed since the rochephin contributed to shutting it down. I believe it wasn't real great to begin with . Also milk thistle will help protect your liver and magnesium for your joints a good multi vitamin and b complete for your immune system to help boost it I am seeing progress and now the lyme specialist in NY City is focusing on the co-infections Make sure if you go on long term antibiotic you definately need a good probiotic to protect your intestinal tract Very Important
I wish you all the luck be persistant on your care I had to really struggle to get treated as so many others have
Good luck

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