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I had the same kind of symptoms.I had dizzyness,ringing in my ears ,Pnemonia that lasted 6 weeks,,aching joints,shortness of breath ,swerling of lights in my eye, a buzzing in my head like static,sensations in my scalp face,arms legs severe fatige,couldn't sleep couldn,t eat {lost 14 pounds }Thought I was going CRAZY . I went to ten differnt specialists.MY primary care doctor sent me to a pulminary specialist who treated the Pnemonia and ignord all my other symptoms. I went to the ER who said I was having panic attack I went to walk in clinic they took X-rays and said I still had pnemonia I had a cat scan came out clean. I when to my eye doctor said I had eye migrains I went to a neroligist who said I was having PMS symptoms I should lye down for a week I went to my ob/gyn Who said I was perimedipausal and gave me prozac .I went to my husbands primary care doctor because I couldn"t stop crying because I knew there was something more wrong with me He told me I was depressed after hea ring all my symptoms he put me on Zolft I finally went to a ear nose throat specialist and finally tested for Lyme which tested positive.4 months latter I have cental nervous system damage and a PICC line I am seeing an infectios desease specialist I feel I"m on the road to recovery. finnally Thank god for my family who drove me to all these doctors and believed that I knew I didn"t feel right .

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