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What’s the meaning of this?

Could it be that they are making their tests prone to positive results?

(I'm not gonna go as far as question if they're altering the results, but if you follow the money then you can't deny the fact that there is reason to suspect that they might be making biased tests.

And the people who do have they're tests done at igenex are usually those that anyway know that they have lymes, they have all the symptoms and are already feeling sick. All they're trying to do is confirm with a blood test -- which as we know is highly inaccurate. So could it be that igenex is cashing out on desperate people, or do they really have the magic formula for testing Lymes? [I guess you might be able to say the same for LLMD’s what's so good about a LLMD? it all depends on the blood test! if its positive take med. if not, then not! i'm not quite getting it. what can the "LLMD" do that another doctor can't do besides perscribe antibiotics?
or is that it. the LLMD will perscribe, and the reg. doctor will not?

where is the info that the LLMD apparantly knows that the reg. dr. doesn't? is it that you don't have to study Lyme in order to get your dr. license, so many doctors don't study it and therefore don't know about it?
its not like lyme disease is some kind of situation that requires a procedure for which you would need a professional. from what i understand there's 2 things that have to be done. 1) Diagnosis. 2) Treatment.
How does the LLMD know how much med. to prescribe, and when to stop? from the blood tests! sodo i have to go to a LLMD for a blood test? Technically speaking all i need to do is go to my dr. take the blood tests for all those tick-borne bacteria, and if i test positive to any of them take medication until my blood tests come back negative. so in essence there is nothing here that the LLMD knows that i don't already know.
just trying to understand. please excuse my dragging.])

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