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Hello all,

This post relates to my most recent post about Iodoral, a supplemental form of Iodine. I've been going over my symptoms lately and realized my thyroid is not functioning properly. I noted some of the symptoms I've had for awhile in my post about Iodoral. For example, low body temperature, cold hands and feet, excess mucous production, dry skin, etc. I didn't know that much about the thyroid, but have learned a lot in recent weeks.

I guess my question is, how many folks have thyroid problems along with Lyme? This seems to be fairly common and could be the reason for many symptoms. As I stated in my other post, I will keep the group updated on my Iodine supplementation. So far, it's going well. The thyroid needs adequate amounts of Iodine to function properly, as well as many other organs. It doesn't matter whether you are hypo or hyper, iodine normalizes the function of the thyroid. Earlier in the week I took my temperature and it was 97.7. Two hours after taking the Iodoral it went up to 98.3. That is the highest it has been since I started checking it months ago. I also got more energy. Something positive is happening!


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