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Thanks Itsmylife. When you say incorporate detox in my daily routine, do you mean the ION foot bath or is there something else you suggest I do to detox? My foot bath instructions say that healthy peopl can only do a foot bath every other day and my Naturopath says sick people like me only twice a week. Do you have experience with it more often? I'd love to do it every day.
I received some relief from my nerve pain from a chiropractor. I had a lot of pinched nerves in my back. I also do the ion foot detox bath. I think it's husband doesn't want me to do it more than once per week even though I think I could do it twice per week. He just worries.

I hope you're able to find something for your nerve pain.
I also have terrible nerve-body pain....between this and the dizziness-anxiety, this is a nightmare..where do you get the ION foot detox? I havent heard about this?

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