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I drove three hours yesterday to see Dr. Court Vreeland.The Vreeland clinic came highly recommended to me by an accupuncturist and herbalist that say they (him and his father Kurt) have cured many of Lyme including the herbalsists wife who was very sick for 4 years.
After discussing my long story, the Dr. took a blood sample from me and did a live blood analysis with a Darkfield microscope. I couldn't beleive it when I saw my blood. Most healthy cells are completely round,but I had alot of frayed edges on my cells which shows fermenting.Also fungus tailing off of alot of cells.Those cells are not getting enough oxygen though my system which explains alot of the brain issues as well as lethargy. I was stunned when a worm-like thread crawled across the screen! It's a parasite! I always felt like I had parasites and stealth viruses and now I know for sure.To see my live blood moving around was amazing.
Dr Court is very encouraging that all of these things can be fixed,starting with a strict Mycotoxin diet and detox.Thats' pretty much just meat and green veggies and eggs for 3 weeks while we kiil whatever is in my system and try to rebuild.
I also did a test similar to Dr. Raxlens which is something like Biofeedback.I layed on the table and he put different little bottles of bacteria,virus,etc in my flattened hand under a large magnet and did a strength test on my legs. When he put the bottle of bacteria in my hand,I had NO strenght pushing my leg against his hand(I didn't know what was in the bottle).My eyelid also started fluttering like crazy!! When he took it away it stopped. The same thing happened with virus sample,but not with some others.It was amazing!
Then we tried to see what my body responded to for the cure.He put a drop of something like dillweed on my tongue,nothing.Then a drop of something else ,nothing.Then put oregano tablet on my tongue and BINGO ,My strength was way increased,so he knew what I responded to.Oregano is very powerful against bacteria so I'll probably be taking that soon.
Right now,we are only going to kill parasites and detox.He also prescribed Kapparest which is for pain and antiinflammatory.Gta for thyroid issues ,and cats claw. He warned me to be prepared to herx,and he will be available anytime I need to call him for anything including just support.
DR. Court assures me that I am going to be feeling ALOT better within a month or 2.He was very excited to tell me that what I have can and WILL be fixed.They work with alot of Lyme patients and have a good success.
Only problem,they don't take insurance and it cost me $395.00 for the visit.I really feel that I got my moneys worth with the blood tests that I saw with my own eyes,and urine tests.I was so scared driving up there all the way praying this was the answer and I think I got that. Going back next month,and the visit will be alot less.This is my last chance, so I have to do this .I've given these antibiotics 2 years and now I HAVE to look at alternatives after going off meds for 1 week and deteriorating.Dr. Court is keeping me on the antibiotics and everything should work together.I'll update as I go!:)

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