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I have a question because I know many of you all have been being treated for a very long time for lyme.

I have been seeing Dr. K.S. in Towson since June. Started out on the doxy, rifimphin, doxy and zithro. Last month after not seeing a lot of improvement he switched me to zithro everyday and bactrim.

Well I went back today and told him I feel worse in a lot of areas like my head shaking is back and the numbness and tingling came back full force in my face and has started to move to other side. PLus having more palpitations and panic attackes however, joint pain much better. He told me he was switching me again to levaquim (could not believe how much this stuff cost), 1 a day and back to doxy, 3 a day.

He said to come back in one month and if not improved then going to IV rocephin. He said we would only try that for a month and then just have to see where I am and what is permanent. Does this sound right to you all? He was sayig something about having to heal from inside only and the meds can only do so much.

I want nothing more to be better. Not to have such a weight loss from all meds and feeling sick all the time.

Any advice would be appreicated!


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