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From what I have read and learned, the normal thyroid blood test given are not that accurate. The tests could come back normal and you could still have problems. What other symptoms are you having? What is your normal body temperature? Are you always cold or have cold hands and feet? I have many HypoT symptoms so I stared taking Iodoral (a tablet form of Iodine) as jojo stated. I am loving it as well. You might want to look into it or least look up symptoms of HypoT or HyperT. Are you gaining or losing weight unexpected weight? How are you energy levels? A well respected Lyme specialist claims that Iodine is the most critical element in people suffering from Lyme disease. We are deficient in it. I can't stress enough how bad this bacteria and other pathogens totally mess our body chemistry. We basically need to rebuild our bodies. Once we supply the body with what it needs to function it will do the rest.


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