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Hi Rodney- welcome to the board! I am not a pro at reading the WB- mine was negative- but Ticker will help you. I am guessing since someone put you on treatment it is positive. She will stress the importance of seeing a Lyme Literate Doctor (LLMD). There is a huge controversy in the Lyme world about how to treat. Some docs think a month or less does the job, even though the symptoms persist. Others who have studied Lyme and treat patients for Lyme more specifically, feel that you should be treated until the symptoms go away. Otherwise, you never really got rid of it. The longer you go untreated, the longer it takes to get rid of. Often people feel better after a month of treatment but then a month later feel horrible. Please do research on the web. Itis [B][I]extremely[/I][/B] unlikely you will get a knowledgeable story from your doc if s/he is not an LLMD.

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