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I'd had lyme for about a year, or that's how long ago I was diagnosed. I had problems with my PC doctor and ended up going to CT to finally get treated after 8 months after my PC did the usual test and came up with negative results.
After going to CT they came up positive. I saw the bites, the rash and then got sick also. Told my PC but still wouldn't believe me. Best thing I did was go to CT! I'm from MA.

After being on antibiotics for 5 months I'm starting to feel better, I've been off them a month now but still have these symptoms. I'm going on a midline in a week with Cef and will be taking doxy orally for a month to try to get rid of a few more of the symptoms.

My question is has anybody seen these symptoms:

I have a lot of indigestion, gas and burp for hours. Then I feel a little dizzy some pain in my chest from the gas I think. My stomach is a mess and seems to be the most affected right now. I was eating yogurt and taking acidopolous (sp) all along. My ribs and chest hurt only on my left side, it's starting to go away but still have some minor pain sometimes. I've done the EGK, stress test and everything is ok there. It also seems to drive my blood pressure crazy. Up one day and down the next. Sorry be long winded.

I've heard positive results from the midline?



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