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Hi Rodney99.

Currently I am on Levaquin (for Bartonella co-infection), plaquenil and IV Zithromax.

Over the past three years, I have tried Omnicef, Ceftin, Biaxin, Doxycyline, IV Rocephin, Tindamax and Malarone. There may be a few more I tried, but I can't remember - :)

Each person responds differently to antibiotics. It depends on how long you were infected, which strain of the bacteria you have, if you have co-infections, how strong your immune system is and your individual metabolism.

I wish I could tell you to try drug X and that will help your balance/vertigo issues, but I can't. It's different for everyone.

I also have vision problems that stem from the loss of my balance mechanisms. I have oscillopsia, which means everything in my field of vision shakes; just like an old home movie with the motion control turned off.

It's absolutely horrible. Even when I'm sitting still, my field of vision jiggles in time with my heartbeat.

Do you have any vision problems from your vertigo/dizziness? I'm desperate for some relief from this.

I did see a renowned ear/balance specialist at the University of Penn. I spent the whole day taking every balance test known to mankind.

At the end of it all, he looked at the results and told me "You lost your balance mechanisms on both your left and right sides." Well ... DUH ... tell me something I don't know or tell me how to fix it.

Unfortunately for me, there is no fix so I have to live with this forever. I hope you find relief.

If you hop over the inner ear boards, those nice folks may be able to direct you to some therapy or the name of a good ear doctor. Not every ear doctor is able to treat vertigo, there's a name for the specialist who treats it but I forget (neuro-otologo-something?).

Take care and try not to worry, with treatment you can get better!


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