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Re: IV Levaquin
Nov 21, 2007
Hi Kelly.

I am on oral Levaquin and I also respond well to it. I love it! I've been on it since June and I hope to stay on it for a long time.

I take Levaquin for a Bartonella co-infection. Do you take it for Lyme or for a co-infection?

I am also on IV Zithromax. It's only been 7 weeks so I don't know if it's working or not.

I didn't know Levaquin came in an IV, but I will sure ask my LLMD about it next time I see her. I would love to try it.

I keep a close watch for any tendon pain while I'm on Levaquin. So far, I'm okay and I haven't had any tendon damage.

Peace and health to you,
Re: IV Levaquin
Nov 22, 2007
Thanks... I was on oral levaquin almost 3 years ago for an infection for a month and did ok.. I will be taking the IV levaquin for bartonella... My Dr. feels that the 12 weeks of IV Zithromax did help alot and now wants the levaquin to finish the job off...

Ticker... He did tell me about the tendon pain.. your right, i have to remember to not assume it is a herx.. Thanks


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