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manatee springs park
I had a tick on me for a few days, My girlfriend thought it was a mole. but, looked closer, and it had symmetry. so, she said it was a tick , and pulled it off with tissue paper. I threw it out, it was moving.not dark or bright, but in between in color. after removing, I had a red mark, the size of a dime, it never increased in size. but, thickened. Like a pimple. but, no pus. I tried to pop it. but, nothing, I was a hard red nodule. that lasted a few weeks. this happened in june 07, during camping. I have had a crick in my need that lasted two weeks and headaches that dont go away. I took some imitrex that a relative had for the headaches. only thing that seemed to work.
Recently, I have a received a very itchy rash. In my groin area. looks like jock itch. but, antifungal sprays , do nothing. I also, have pin point rashes on my forearms, and under my arms. along with, mosquito bites, looking along my lower legs. I itch everywhere basically.
I dont know if this was caused by a tick, I dont have insurance. I could probably just buy some docy over the internet.
has anyone ever had these kind of symptoms?
I am just out of tampa florida.
I probably have alot more symptoms, like depression and moody. but, just thought that was normal.
Also, getting huge boil, that eventually pop. with pus oozing out.


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