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Hey Rodney,

I am scheduled by Dr. P for tomorrow to have my line put in!

I had one before and it worked but we were ony treating Lyme Disease. I am now treating Co-Infections, Bartonella and Babesios. I am currently on Mepron, Minocycline and as of tomorrow I will be on IV Zith! Later on we will be adding in either Levaquin or Rifampin to treat the Bartonella.

I am really confident that this will be a good move. You are in good hands wiht Dr. P. He is very good at what he does. Just make sure you get tested for all co-infections.

Have you already had all your blood work done. What labs did he send them to? Did you test through Igenix? Did you come up positive on the WB? I cannot remember.

Are you getting it put in at Northside? It is really easy and not painful at all.

Keep in touch!

[QUOTE=onmyway;3340339]Hey Kelly,

I am glad to hear form you!

I am excited to start the IV Zith. I already notice i was more tired as soon as I finished my first treatment! It is going to be hard working and doing all this! I am glad we are near Christmas and things are slow in our business this time of year!

How is the IV Levaquin going? How many milligrams are you on per day. I am really curious to hear about that. I did not even knwo you could do Levaquin in IV form. I tried Levaquin a coouple of months ago and I was soooooo sick! I was on 750mg oral per day. Dr. R said it was too high of a dose for me and that since I have Barotnella he strongly believes it was a bad herx. He said I could go bakc on it but at a much lower dose. Either 500mg or 250mg's. Are you still on th Zith as well. He si treating you for Bartonells correct? Did you have a positive Bart and Babesia test results? I cannot remeber what coinfections you have. Sorry.

I hope you are doing well! Please keep me updated!!

Take Care!



I havent started the IV Levaquin yet.. My insurance denied the initial request.. So im working on some other things.. It will be 500mg per day though... Iam on oral Levaquin right now and its working great.. Really getting the Bartonella.. Thats 500 mg per day as well... That definitely sounds like you had a herx the first time you took it... Next time take less milligrams.. Iam no longer on Zithromax... I did it through the IV for 3 months... Enough of that.. I did have several positive western blots as well as positive for bartonella.. when are you expecting to get your results back from Dr.R?
Keep me posted... It was good to hear from you


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