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I have this isolated muscle spasm in my Teres Minor/Major muscle... It's permanently enflamed and swollen. Which not only causes pain in the one area, but also pulls at my entire right side around to my chest.

Is there any injection that someone has found useful in treating muscle spasms. I realize cortison/steroid type injections are a no-no if you have Lyme. So what gives? Do you think I have any other options. The pain is mind bending and I see exactly where it is located. It's not some phantom fibromyalgia type pain like many unfortunately suffer from.

Thanks in advance...
Good Morning,

I am sorry you are having such a bad time of it. I am in the same boat. The muscle spasms are one of my worst symptoms.

I am seeing a Pain Mgmt dr. and he used lidocaine type trigger point injections on me. It worked good for the first two days but it soon returned! It basically numbs the muscle so it has a chance to relax. He also has me on Soma for daytime, Zanafelx during the night, vicoprofen and sustained release morphine and I still have a ton of pain!!!! It is unreal that i suffer as much as i do with all of those narcotics in my body.

It is nasty and I am hoping it is going to get beeter with treatment. I just started my IV treatment 2 weeks ago along with oral meds as well.

Are you on any treatment right now? Are you seeing pain specialist? They can really help!

Take Care!!


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