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I am experiencing the same type of achy flu like pain. I never had joint pain just the flu like symptoms until I went on Doxy last year. The dr. only put me on for a month and when I finished those I felt better but I started getting pain in my elbows and hip. I often get the shooting pain in my hip and it goes as quick as it comes but it makes me feel like its kicking my leg out from under me.
[QUOTE=kdmari;3354631]I have dealt with muscle and joint pain for years. But it's never been exTREMEly painful, or debilitating as some of you describe. For example, I've rarely taken pain killers for my pain. (mind you, I'm one of those people who hates to take them!) Most of the time, it's that general achiness that a person gets when they have the flu. I do get sharp pains (on a fairly regular basis) that would bring me to my knees if they lasted more than a second. But it's a sharp, stabbing pain that ends almost as soon as it begins. Anyway, I just wanted to know if this sort of pain is similar to what some of you experience. Thanks.


Hi, KD...

I think everyone is different. I never had joint pain, just muscle pain.
My bones were not very affected. The muscle pain was pretty bad for
me, tho, and I had partial paralysis. I found that multi-vitamins helped
me. (That doesn't mean they would help everyone.)

I've read that there are about 400 different strains of Lyme. In addition,
everyone reacts differently to even the same strain of Lyme. Add
co-infections to the equation, and you have all Lymies displaying
many different symtpoms.

I would say, yes, it is possible to not have extreme pain from Lyme.
Anything is possible. A person can have anything from itchy rashes to
joint pain to headaches to paralysis...the list goes on. Some people even
test positive for Lyme but have NO symptoms.

It's a very unusual disease. I'm also learning that it is a disease that's
very hard to fight.


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