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He appologized over and over and said he took me off the medicine to soon. Ive been goign threw alot of relapses, and alot of my old symptoms returned. He opened up to me and said he is really concerned tho. He explained he tried me on the 4 different medications that help cure lyme and i've only had positive reaction to the zithromax... He said hes goign to put me back on it. Im taking it for one month 250mg twice aday. Then he said he wants to drop it to 250 mg once a day. He did say, football doesnt look promising. But to try and stay as active as i can. He went on to explain my 12th nerve damage hasnt come back, so hes pretty positive about that. But he was pretty worried about my recovery. Almost like he wasnt telling me something....

anyways theres the update for everyone. Merry xmas to all.
Hi eclipse. I am sorry you are sick. Honestly I do not think one month of Zithromax at 500 mg daily will be long enough. The 250 mg that he wants to change you to after one month is not in the range for Lyme treatment. I believe the recommended dose of Zithromax for Lyme is 500-1200 mg daily.

I really hope you can get another opinion from a knowledgeable doctor, the sooner the better.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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