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ALyme05...I have had these palpitations too. I had to wear a holter monitor and it showed "frequent PAC's" I was told not to worry about it. Then I found out I had Lyme. Yes Lyme causes palpitations. In fact, I just started IV Rocephin and I now have Tachycardia. The Doc believes it is from a herx reaction. So Lyme and heart symptoms go together it seems. It's curious that you have hypothyroidism because i do too. But I never had problems with the synthroid until I got lyme. Now it makes me feel worse when I take it. I actually feel better with a higher tsh and less synthroid than I did pre-lyme with lower tsh. Lyme also screws up the endocrine system. I hate this disease. Makes me want to be a deer hunter LOL

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