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Hello All,

I just got back my co-infection results from both Igenex and Frye labs. The Igenex came back negative for both Bartonell and Babesia and Erlichia. My labs form Frye cam back Postive for Bartonells. Just as Dr. R thought!!!

It is amazing to me how different two different labs results can be so different.

Tha Fyre lab is the one where you get the actual picture of the Bartonella bacteria in your actual cells. It is really neat. I cannot wait to see the picture. I think I will frame it and hang it on my wall. I am so happy to actually get a postive. It has taken over a year of persistance, searching. many Dr's and a lot of money. I have finally found the reason why I have been so sick!

They also think i still have Babesia as well and that it just did not show up in that one batch of blood that Frye lab tested. I have all the classic symptoms of Babesia as well as Bartonella. So i will remain on my treatment for Babesia for the next few months and then I will switch out the regiment to attack the Bartonella. I am soooo ready. What ever it takes let's get it done!!!

I think I am going to have to have a party!!!! Yeah!!!

[B]I cannot stress how important it is for you to test from multiple labs for not only Lyme but all fo the co-infections. [/B]Ticker was telling me form the begining and I was always hearing her in the back of my mind. After I had been on treatment for quite a while for lyme and I was still not getting any better. All I could remeber was that I had not tested for any co-infections. I tried having my Dr. test me and he kept saying that I did not have Babesia or Bartonella. It took me going to a wellknown LLMD to get the proper treatment. You have to be your own advocate because no one else will!!!!

I hope everyone is hanging in there. Happy Holiday and a Happy New year!!

Take Care,
Well Congrats to you!!!!!!! Sounds like quite a 'find'

Thank you, it is! I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

[QUOTE]I think I am going to have to have a party!!!! Yeah!!! [/QUOTE]
[I][B]Right On!!![/B][/I] :bouncing: :jester: :)
That is good news...If having a disease could be good news. I just saw DR.P today. Are you going to tell him? I am interested in the frye labs test now. Who drew the blood for it? Do you need a test kit? BTW I have to stop the rocephin again. My vitals are all screwed up.
Hey Rodney,

I am really sorry to hear that you are having so many problems. What are they saying is causing the heart issues. Is it the medication? If so you have have a manifestation of the Lyme bacteria in that area and it causing you to herx bad. What does Dr. P. say?

As far as the Frye Lab goes Dr. R gave me the form for it marked what all I needed to have tested and then when I got back home I went to Dr. P and they drew the blood and sent it off. That test is very well worth the money. I think it was only $295.00. There is one more I am trying o have done with a lab called Neuroscience but that one is like $1200.00.

Are you currently being treated striclty for Lyme or are you treating coinfections as well? Are you just on Rocephin or other meds too?

Have you been able to make it to work. I know you were concerned about that. You said you worked in a restaurant which one is it? Are they understanding???

Also one more thing try to get a Detox Regimen going on to help with any die off. I have not done that and my Nutropath said that I am extremley toxic. Dr. P cannot help you with that. You wil need to go else where for that!
He would not even let me go in the HBOT my first visit because he was afraid it was going to make me too sick. He started me on Cumanda, a Gentle Cleanse and a mineral trace. So far so good I already feel slightly better.

If you want the name of him let me know he is in Roswell. He is an MD/Alternative Medicine. Very Lyme Literate!

Take care!


well it has to be a herx reaction because when I pause the rocephin my bp goes down and the heart slows up a bit. I just feel BAD, even 24 hours after last infusion. Oh well...I'll keep soldiering on. I didn't test positive for co-infections.
[COLOR="Purple"][B]Hi Rodney, just because you got a negative on your co-infections doesn't mean you don't have them. Just like with Lyme a doctor needs to go on clincial evaluation. I know I had babesia and Bartonella. My test never came out positive...I had symptoms from the both of them.....

good luck!

Hi Jojo,

Have you resolved th Babs and Bart?

If so what were the regimens that you used?

How long have you been sick? I htink if I recall corectly it has been a long time.

I hope you are feeling well!


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