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Hello Rodney99
Dec 21, 2007
I read your post about the tachycardia. It is common with Lyme disease to have a racing heart. Before I was diagnosed I would have frequent episodes of tachycardia. I had all the heart tests. Stress echo, nuclear stress echo, halter monitor and event monitor. I passed all these tests with no structural damage to the heart. In fact this past August I was taking to the ER my heart rate was 220:confused:. So this was a very scary time for me. A week later I was put on the Rocephin through IV picc. The Rocephin has helped me in regards to tachycardia. I did continue to get the tachycardia throughout my treatment with Rocephin. I did two months and am now on Doxy IV. The tachycardia I had during the rocephin was 90's to low 100's. It has gradually got better. I attribute the tachycardia to the Lyme causing disturbances in my hearts electrical rhythm. Now it's down to the low 60's to mid 80's during the day. I can tell you that this expierence scared me. My LLMD thinks the Lyme invaded and inflamed my vagus nerve. Where are you at as far as pulse rate? Does it increase quite a lot upon standing? Also check your B/P when you stand.

It might help you to where a halter monitor, or a event monitor which you can push a button that will record your ekg for 30 seconds prior to the button being pushed. And then also records 30 seconds after. Or if you have the stress echo tests, and your heart is normal then that might ease your mind. Let your LLMD know what's going on.

Write back.
Re: Hello Rodney99
Dec 22, 2007
Thanks Bigstan. I appreciate you helping me with this scary time. When I had Lyme but didn't know it, I did go see a cardiologist. I wasn't having tachycardia so much then but palpitations. A 24 hour holter showed frequent pac's and episodes of tachycardia up to 150 bpm. They did an echo (not stress I think) and said I was fine. But now that I have Lyme, as soon as I started IV rocephin my heart went crazy. And yes my heart rate standing is much higher. My Doc says POTS is common with Lyme. He has seen it in other Lyme patients. I'm hoping that this flare in cardio symptoms is a herx and will settle down. I started taking atenolol (for the heart) and xanax (because the rapid pulse was giving me anxiety) and my pulse and bp are normal now. Although I still feel nervous and more dizzy than I did before IV. I had to pause the rocephin twice now and I'm not even 2 weeks in. I hope this gets easier. Thanks again.
Re: Hello Rodney99
Dec 22, 2007
Yes isn't Lyme wonderful. I have the same symptoms that you have. They went a little further with me and did a tilt table test. Which I flunked and was told that I have vasovagal syncope. Even though I have never actually fainted. I guess it all relates to the Lyme which has penetrated the nervous system and affected the vagus nerve. Your halter report sounds a lot like mine. I was having problems just standing up and my heart rate would fly to 150. Have you ever had a nurse or doctor do orthostatics blood pressure measurements on yourself? It involves doing your blood pressure and pulse when you are laying down, seated, and upon standing. I had crazy results from laying down my HR was 65bpm to standing it went to 130bpm. Do a ****** search on Lyme and tachycardia. You will fine many in our boats. Rocephin is a good drug. It is affective because it crosses the blood brain barrier. Which a lot of antibiotics don't unless giving in high doses. You have to be careful with the Rocephin as it's known to cause bilinary sludge and a lot of people have had to remove their gallbladder. It doesn't happen to everyone. I wasn't affected by it. Just letting you know about it.

Talk to you later.

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