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I have been doing more and more research on lyme and just realized that sometime people are diagnosed with fibromyalgia when they may have lyme.

My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with this about 6 months ago. I did not really think anything of it because she has diabetes type 1 (an auto immune disease and when you have one you are likely to have more) but she also has rheaumatory arthritis. Had knee issues since she was around 4 but just diagnosed 2 years ago when she began having issues with her hands and elbows too. This was about the same time I started having issues and about 6 months after our dog was affected. Her rheumatologist tested her for lyme with the western blot and when we were in Florida and I realized that my lyme was not gone, I had her retested. Both times negative.

My husband also has all the same symptoms but never goes to the doctor. MEN!! But he is also a big guy so sometimes I think it is because of his weight. He aches all the time, everywhere, and says he must have arthritis and fibro too. But he also get tired easily, has major mood swings, boosts of anger, chest pains. A lot of this could be weight and heart but now I wonder about them both. My husband did have a test done by Igenex which came back negative. One band was positive and I think it was 30 or 31 but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about right now. What does everyone think.

I could just kick myself in the butt for not getting this sooner. What if they have to go through what I am now because it has been a while?

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